Listen to our US customers

"My experience in working with the Alsim device has been a good one. As a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), I can work with different scenarios exposing the student to real-life situations. This tool is essential for our students in developing aeronautical decision-making and creating that situational/awareness that is so important".

José O. Torres

Chief Flight Instructor, InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico

“We extensively reviewed and tested most of the flight simulators available in the global market in our search for the best simulator for our flight school training needs. We chose the ALSIM model AL200 MCC, for its exceptional quality of simulation, versatility, durability, low maintenance, warranty, customer service and high return on investment.”

Capt. Augustine Joseph

Chief Executive Officer, Advanced International Aviation Academy, USA

"My experience with Alsim has been a positive one. The simulator feels very real compared to other simulators I have used (...) I have 2 new students that are in their first hours of flying and are very advanced in procedures thanks to Alsim".

Alberto Davila

Chief Flight Instructor, InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico

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