Listen to our EASA customers

Rafael Lopez, General Director, Flyschool Air Academy, Spain

“ We chose ALSIM again for the great professionalism and commitment of all their teams. In addition, the simulator AL250 is a very reliable device, with high quality details and offers all that the airline pilot needs. All this makes the customer experience unique and ALSIM is a key element and partner for the actual and future growth of Flyschool. ”

Rafael Lopez

General Director, Flyschool Air Academy, Spain

Lucas Tisdall, CEO , the Tisdall Aviation Group, Australia

“We have chosen the Alsim AL250 platform due to its unique multi-role capability, and our long experience with its AL200 forebear which demonstrated unparalleled reliability and student appeal. The high-fidelity visual experience and ergonomic design of the AL250s makes them a natural choice for our leading-edge pilot training schools.”

Lucas Tisdall, CEO

the Tisdall Aviation Group, Australia

Hans Nerlinger, Senior General Manager, Fly in Spain, Spain

“We chose the AL250 because it’s LPV/PBN approved which is, according to the new EASA regulation for Instrument Training (IR), a mandatory requirement. The second important factor for us is that the aircraft models provided with the AL250, can be easily changed, with no required hardware changes, as this switch is only software based. Which means the simulator’s instructor can propose analogue or glass-cockpit panels, depending on the student’s specific training needs.”

Hans Nerlinger, Senior General Manager

Fly in Spain, Spain

Mateusz Dzialynski, CEO/ HT, Smart Aviation Sp. z o.o., Poland

"Since certification on 13th April of 2017, we have flown more than 2000 hours with our FNPT II. It only proves that purchase of Alsim ALX has been one of the best decisions ever made. Our simulator is the youngest such device in Poland, fully certified for all kind of aviation training including IR/ME and MCC. We cooperate with best instructors in Poland who are A320 captains and provide our students the highest standard of aviation training."

Mateusz Dzialynski, CEO/ HT

Smart Aviation Sp. z o.o., Poland

Jakob Bjerre Jorgensen, FSTD Manager, Billund Air Center

“Alsim has a good setup for manufacturing and delivering FSTDs and you can really feel that the Alsim team has years of experience in the field of FNPT devices – this is also one of the reasons why Billund Air Center A/S has chosen the ALX. The ALX has been in production since 2008 and, since then, Alsim has had a team working specifically on developments for the ALX, so the simulator is constantly evolving. This makes sure that we, as a customer, have the newest technology and training equipment to fulfill industry requirements and is also highly appreciated by our customers.”

Jakob Bjerre Jorgensen

FSTD Manager, Billund Air Center

Torbjörn Winsell, Managing Director, Svensk Pilotutbildning

“Our simulator evaluation team choose Alsim as the most realistic simulator flight experience among other DA42 simulator manufactures. Alsim has also been very professional and supportive to work with during the installation and certification process”.

Torbjörn Winsell

Managing Director, Svensk Pilotutbildning

Nicholas Dunn, Managing Director, Aeros Flight Training

"We currently operate 3 DA42s across the group with FNPT II simulators but the new AL42 simulator is an exact replica of the DA42 which makes the transition to the aircraft seamless. We chose ALSIM because the company has an excellent reputation, awesome product and, from speaking to other ALSIM customers, a very good after-sales service."

Nicholas Dunn

Managing Director, Aeros Flight Training

Javier S. Garcia Sanz, Head of Training, Airpull Aviation Academy

“As Airpull Aviation Academy Head of Training, I chose ALSIM for its good reputation and the company’s vast experience in producing high quality flight simulator’s. The ALX simulator is the right product for us: it is versatile, as you can have several aircraft in only one device, this is essential in today’s market allowing us to offer a complete training solution, from single engine, twin engine, turboprop and a jet like the A320. This is going to rank our school amongst the best in Spain.”

Javier S. Garcia Sanz

Head of Training, Airpull Aviation Academy

"The ALSIM ALX is an excellent device for multiple levels of pilot training. I have personally been using the simulator extensively for more than two years without experiencing any delays to courses due to maintenance issues. Its flexibility and the possibility of being able to quickly reconfigure between the different aircraft models was key to the success of several types of programs offered by CAE Multi Crew to all their military customers. Positive feedback also came from trainees and rated pilots, who all expressed satisfaction for the realistic scenarios and flight models provided by the simulator."

Maj. Andrea Radicchi

Professional Training Squadron Commander, Italian Air Force (NAMSA)

Stuart Cook, Operations Director, Zero Four Five, for Booker Aviation

“We realized a long time ago that the missing ingredient to our advanced level of training was a simulator which exactly replicated our upgraded multi-engine fleet. Alsim has the reputation and expertise that we were looking for and we are excited to start using the AL42 simulator for varying levels of training and examining from August 2015 here at Wycombe Air Park”.

Stuart Cook

Operations Director, Zero Four Five, for Booker Aviation

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