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From single engine to light jet training!

FNPT II MCC FAA compliant The AL200 MCC is our best selling flight synthetic training device because it can be easily reconfigured to simulate a wide range of aircraft training. A simple mouse click makes it possible to change from a single to a twin piston engine; or - simulate a twin turbo prop aircraft, like the Piper Cheyenne or Beech 200; or - simulate a light jet aircraft like the Cessna C550 Citation II.

Due to its generic nature, all aircraft types operated in professional pilot training schools can be simulated with the AL200 MCC.

Like the other flight trainers in Alsim's product range, the AL200 MCC is characterized by its computerized flight instruments.

With this advanced Flight Synthetic Training Device, schools are equipped with the most cost-effective solution for all PPL, CPL, IR and MCC regulations.

The FNPT II and MCC's double configuration certifies the flight trainer for MCC and IFR rating.

The aerodynamic behaviour of the included flight models is close to reality, and the electric control loading system allows pilots to experience highly realistic and reliable flight sensations.

Pilots can carry out all normal and emergency check-lists, due to entirely active flight panels and controls.

Support and assistance to FNPT II MCC for two flight models, are provided with the device.

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